Total Tank Simulator

Developer: Noobz from Poland

Genre: Strategy / Simulation

Release date: 2018

Demo: Demo 4 is most up to date

STEAM: add us to wishlist and follow

Description: A strategy that takes you to WW 2. Command a group of tanks or anti-tank units.  Create the best strategy for light, medium or heavy tanks, anti-tank guns, artillery units and much more. Play historical factions and units that were used on the battlefield. Issue your orders and remember what Eisenhower said: "In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable".

Game Features:

  • dozens of historical units
  • different maps
  • campaign and awesome game mods
  • multiplayer
  • historical nations

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Developer: Noobz from Poland

Genre: Ragdolls / Simulation

Release date: TBA - early game concept

Demo: Oct 25th

Description: A ragdoll battle simulator. Play wacky battles with animal ragdolls in a physics-based world. Use cow-cannons, cow-tillery and other weapons. Test your skills with sandbox and challenge mode. Enjoy!

Game Features:

  • ragdoll battle simulator ;)
  • ragdoll animals vs other physics-based weapons
  • unique game mechanics in challenge mode
  • total destrucion of terrain and everything on the map
  • unit control


Unicorn Simulator - a startup game

Developer: Noobz from Poland

Genre: Strategy / Simulation

Release date: TBA

Demo: TBA

Description: A simulation that aims to bring the whole startup experience into one game. Create a startup, get funded, find users and clients, expand, expand, expand until you achieve 1bn USD valuation, a unicorn status.

Game Features:

  • feel the startup life ;)
  • choose one of many startup models: SaaS, TaxiApp, Hardware etc.
  • unique mechanics for simulating startup funding
  • geographic expansion
  • take care of the startup valuation