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In late Jan / early Feb 2018 we will run Closed Alpha Multiplayer Tests.

We decided to pick a group of 1000-2000 players who will receive exclusive access.

Do you want to take part in TTS multiplayer testing? Fill in the forms and maybe we will pick you.



TTS Closed Alpha Multiplayer FAQs:

1. When will you re-run the tests?

About 2-3 weeks from now. We will let you know at least 1 week in advance.

2. How long will they last?

Possibly 5 full days.

3. Will they be any different from Dec tests?

Yes. We will add in-game cards as well as orders before the battle. We are testing new features as we are planning to add them in the full version.

4. I participated in Dec tests. Will I be chosen for the re-run?


5. Will the tests be open or closed?

Closed. It means no recording or screenshots. However we will have open multiplayer with Demo 5 in Q1 2018.

6. Who can participate in re-run?

We are planning to choose a closed group of 1000-2000 players. If you were sent an invitation in Dec 2017 we consider you a part of that group.

7. Will I have to download anything?

Yes, we will send you a new game build.

8. Will you have a MAC version?

Yes, we are planning to have a Mac version this time.

9. Will I need a new login and pass?

If you received login and pass in Dec you can use them again.

10. Will multiplayer testers get any gifts for testing?

We are planning a special gift for our testers inside Demo 5 :)

11. Can I play singleplayer?

Yes, simply register HERE.

12. How to download Demo 4 Remastered?

Go to PC folder in the link above. We added a video on how to download the game.

13. I have further questions.

Just email us: